Special K Challenge

What does the special k challenge stands for? Its a very simple plan. Kellogg’s challenges you to use special k products for 2 weeks and note a loose in weight.

First it’s recommended that you switch to a 5 meal plan in your day, along with 30 minutes or 1 hour of exercise every 2 days.

5 meal Special K plan:

1st meal: Morning

Eat a healthy bowl of special k cereal, with low fat milk. you can use skimmed milk or lactose free milk to have better results. The result to achieve is to have good levels of sugar in your bloodstream, not too low or too high to have headaches!

2nd meal: Lunch

at 12:00pm or half of the day, have a bar of special k along with some almonds and nuts to reduce the hunger in you. this will help you to not eat too much in the 3rd meal.

3rd meal: Complete meal

This is the time to have a complete meal, including a piece of protein (fish, chicken or meat) along with a bowl of carbohydrates (pasta, rice or soup). serve some fresh vegetables and a piece of bread. Remember to eat high quality products, as organic vegetables, free grazing meat, avoid anything altered with hormones!

4th meal: Afternoon

Later in afternoon eat some fresh fruit or vegetables to dip and reduce the cravings!

5th meal: dinner

Eat a healthy sandwich with eggs, tuna or turkey jam. your dinner should be light so your metabolism works good while you sleep.

Extra tips to complete the Special K Challenge.

  • Dont skip meals, this will only make your metabolism slow. Eat little portions over the day, and if possible switch to a 7 meal a day plan.
  • Don’t get desperate if you don’t loose weight. the real goal is to reduce levels of fat and sugar in your body to make your organs healthier, allowing them to burn even more sugar and fat when they reach their peak performance.
  • Don’t forbid yourself your favourite meals. Always leave a day in the weekend to eat some of your favourite food, as pizza. (Extra tip: prepare a vegetarian pizza with spinach and fresh fungus)

Have you experienced results doing the special k challenge? Tell us about it in the comments.


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