Special K Diet.

Welcome! The Special K Diet is one of the most popular diets, consisting in eating Special K cereal and products, eating healthily and doing exercise like Special K Zumba Classes.

If you are looking how to loose weight combining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, you have come to the right website. Keep reading to know more about the Special K- Diet, or check the links in the sidebar for more diet plans.

Before Starting a Diet.

Keep in mind that no diet works if you don’t combine it with exercise, leaving bad habits, and if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. In this website we will address the top bad habits that are making you gain weight and fat, exercises and supplements to loose weight, and tips and tricks to convert your body in a fat burning machine.  

The Special K Diet.

What is the special k diet? Can I loose weight doing it? Get to know all about the special k diet plan, how to take it, and all details here.

The Special K diet is a regime program that promises to help you loose up to 3 pounds in 15 days taking this cereal at least 2 times a week. Starting with breakfast, the special k diet recommends eating a bowl of low sugar cereal like “Special K Cereal” available in different flavors: vainilla, strawberry or chocolate. Then at midday, it’s recommended to eat a granola bar, or special k bar, with almonds or peanuts. The Main dish is composed by a piece of protein like meat or fish with carbohydrates like pasta or soup. then at 6:00pm you should eat a bowl of fruit and vegetables. at noon, keep it light with a dinner like a sandwich with egg and low fat cheese.

Who should take the Special K Diet?

The Special K diet is not only for those people who want to loose weight, it’s also aimed for people who want to feel better with themselves, be in good shape and have a balanced lifestyle. Middle age or old age people will benefit from doing this diet as it lowers the levels of sugar and fat from your system preventing you from diseases.

Doing the Special K Diet plan combined with exercise will help you feel better with yourself.

How does the Special k Diet work?

If you are a regular cereal user, this diet will help you transit from high sugar cereals to Special K Cereal, which will help you immensely. When we eat lots of sugar, sugar lives in our bloodstream and floods all of our body causing us headaches and faults in our body organs by the excess of it.

Swapping common cereals, full of sugar for a Special K Cereal will help our bloodstream be free of sugar, helping our organs process the stored sugar and fat more efficiently as the blood in our veins will be cleaner. This will benefit the system in our bodies, making us feel less lazy and with more energy, since our system will be less saturated and will be able to process what you are eating during the day more efficiently.

Once we lower the levels of sugar in our bloodstream, your metabolism will be better releasing fat and sugars into your blood, making it a perfect time to exercise and start burning the excess of fat of your body.

How should I eat Special k cereals and bars?

Special K cereals and bars need to combine with a healthy diet. If you have for breakfast a special k cereal, but later eat pork meat, you won’t have much advances.

As a general rule, you should not eat the same food everyday, as your body system will enter into a “standby mode” since it will know what foods you are having next day, you have to have your body metabolism on it’s toes, not knowing what you are going to eat next. This can be done by switching meals, and eating a different meal everyday, combined with fruits and vegetables of all colors and sizes.

Reducing levels of sugar and fat and doing exercise will help your metabolism burn fat!

Special K Diet Recommended Meal Plan:

It’s recommended that you switch from a 3 meals a day plan to a 5 meals a day plan, looking to make it a 7 meals a day plan for advanced users, so your metabolism will be always active burning calories while you work, or while doing your daily activities.

5 meals a day plan, including special k products:

7:30AM -Breakfast – 1 bowl of special k cereal, with fruit.

12:00pm – Lunch – 1 bar of special k with almonds and peanuts.

3:00pm – Meal – A piece of protein (fish, chicken or meat) with carbohydrates (pasta, soup or rice)

6:00pm – after meal – A bowl of fruit or vegetables

9:00pm – dinner – sandwich with egg and cheese.

As you can see, the diet itself isn’t restrictive, it’s about eating healthy proteins and carbohydrates.

With this kind of meals you will have sufficient energy to work normally and have extra energy to do 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise.

This is just the start of your journey, keep reading this website to learn about the special k diet and more healthy diet plans that will help you reach your goals. Remember you can always reach out in the comments for personalized help according to your lifestyle.

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