Special K High Protein Cereals

Special K has launched a new line of high protein cereals. its base protein cereal contains 15gr of protein per bowl serving, and it’s more recent launch, the chocolate with almond flavor contains extra protein for 20gr of protein per bowl serving, making it a good choice for breakfasting, keeping your stomach full for avoiding those cravings at work or at school.

Both cereals contain also a good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals for keeping a good energy during the day.

There’s also a Special K Zero edition, for those who are regulating their sugar intake, contains 0g added sugar, and boasts up to 18gr of protein per serving.

Protein in Special k Products.

The protein comes from plant-based ingredients as soy and seeds, making it a great source of vegetable protein. Combining this extra protein cereal, with special k protein meal bars, will add to your morning routine the extra protein needed to build healthy muscles. Remember you will need also to consume healthy carbs and fats to get your body working completely.

How much protein should i consume?

As a general rule, a person needs that the 30% of calories you consume come from proteins. Or to put in a weight rule, you need at least .8gr of protein for each kg you weight. for example if you weight 70kgs, you will need 56 gr of protein daily, for example 2 bowls of special k high protein cereal will add 40gr of protein, then you will need extra 16gr of protein coming from regular foods, as meat, chicken or fish.

Having a good intake of protein will help you avoid loosing muscle when exercising, helping you achieve your diet or fitness goals.

The high protein special k cereal

The 20gr protein per serving cereal, has a chocolate with almond flavor that is not too sweet and has a healthy aproach, with natural almonds. This helps with your daily intake of healthy ingredients, as you know you need to consume almonds and nuts rich in healthy oils. Adding strawberries, blueberries or blackberries in your diet will help you have a rich breakfast every morning.

The Special K Zero Cereal

This cereal contains 18gr of plant based protein to help you reach your daily intake levels of protein. it’s 0 carb and 0gr sugar formula, will help you achieve your desired goals for loosing weight or fat. Remember to drink plenty of water when consuming protein, specially each 30 minutes when you are working out, as water helps you getting rid of toxins in your body and your skin.


If you plan to increase the amount of protein in your daily intake, the special k cereals are for you, as they are a natural way to eat vegetable proteins without loosing the tasty flavor of eating cereals. Special k cereals also work great with non restrictive diets, as they help you feel better with yourself and to get over your goals. Remember when eating protein cereals to add lots of water to your diet, as well as eating healthy foods to get your body working as you wish.